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DO YOU FIND accounting software confusing? Are you nervous about calling something a debit or a credit? Have you been looking for accounting software for your church that will handle both budget funds and designated funds in a rational manner? Are you tired of seeing your non-profit accounts presented as profit-loss reports? You might find the answer right here.

Here are the files available for download at this site:

CHURCH TREASURER - a program for tracking church funds by accounts both designated and budgeted; easily creates reports. It is a simple cash based accounting method. This is version 1.92. Earlier versions should be replaced by this version.

CHECKWRITER - a program for making professional quality checks from check stock paper in your printer. Requires check stock with check on top and stub(s) on check stock of a full 8.5 x 11 size - one check per sheet. There is no charge for this program.

PAYROLL - a program for automating the creation and recording of payroll stubs for a small number of employees. From the stubs, you make checks and accounting entries easily.

DIRECTIONS - directions for the Church Treasurer program ( in PDF format).

PAYROLL.PDF - directions for the Payroll program ( in PDF format)

SAMPLE.PDF - an monthly report example generated by the church treasurer program.

NEW DATA - a training video, demonstrating how to make the initial entries to get started in the church treasurer program

First Part Midmonth - a training video demonstrating how to make entries during a month

Last Part Midmonth - a training video demonstrating more about making entries during a month

End of Month - a training video showing how to make the monthly report and start the next month.

These programs are SHAREWARE - download without obligation, no hidden fees, no tracking of who downloads. You are requested to pay after you find yourself using and liking the program, and the program directions cover that. Nothing happens if you delay payment.

The church treasurer program is for windows machines only. Will work with XP, Vista and Windows 7 and 8. Restricted to a maximum of 100 budget accounts, 100 Designated accounts, and an annual budget of less than $999,999,999.99

The church treasurer software and directions, together, constitute a basic tutorial for how to be a church treasurer. Your payment, after you are using it, is only $10.

Does not record donation records of parishioners. Requires a separate check registry, whether spreadsheet, software, or paper. Download and read the directions for all the details.

The PAYROLL program is also for windows machines only. A seperate computer file is created for each employee each year, which works great for a very small number of employees. Your cost would be only $15 after you decide you like it.

Comments? Questions? Email me at

Disclaimers:  No fair downloading, running these programs, and then claiming we have responsibility for any financial or other problems.  We will cheerfully refund any money you have paid and that's all you can get from us in such cases.   Be alert, notice what is happening, use your financial acumen to evaluate and judge what the programs are doing for you, and all should be well.








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